Best Flights To Switzerland From US

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Airplane landing at Zurich airport Switzerland

This post will help you find an overview on how to get cheap flights to Switzerland from US by looking at some comparisons between all these carriers and concisely presenting them so that it becomes easier for you as a consumer who wants to fly out of the country to make informed decisions when choosing which airline company offers tickets with affordable prices.

Flights to Switzerland from US provide an excellent opportunity for those who love skiing. The country is known as the land of mountains, and there are many ski resorts available in the area. People visit these places during winter because it’s cold, but they can still enjoy skiing.

Airlines that provide flights to Switzerland from the US:

Swiss International Air Lines 

Swiss Air Lines is pleased to announce that it will be operating a second daily flight from its home base, Zurich airport, effective from this summer season.

In September 2014, the airline had decided to deploy an Airbus A340-300 on the route instead of an A330-300. Due to high demand and need for capacity increase, Swiss has chosen to operate with two medium-range aircraft on the way.

Says Philippe Bruggisser, Head of Sales SWISS: “We see more and more demand for flights between Zurich and New York. In summer 2014, we opted for a second daily flight, but now due to high demand for the capacity increase, we have chosen to operate with two medium-range aircraft. With the A340-300, we have a perfect aircraft for this route.”

The Swiss airline’s Zurich-New York service is almost exclusively operated by Airbus A330-300s, which has a capacity of 275 passengers in Business Class and 269 Economy Class seats.

Swiss International Air Lines, stylized as Swiss, is the flag carrier of Switzerland. It operates scheduled services to 207 destinations in 43 countries worldwide and serves 39 countries via codeshares. It is a member of the Star Alliance as well as the Lufthansa Group.

The airline was created out of the former airlines Balair and Ad Astra Aero (Swissair also belonged). The latter was the parent company of Crossair.

It is headquartered at Euro Airport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg in Saint-Louis, near Basel, Switzerland and has flights to Switzerland from US.

United Airlines 

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The closest destination in Switzerland is Zürich, which can be reached either via Frankfurt or Munich. By flying with Lufthansa, you would get the best options for flights to Switzerland. Moreover, the airline directly connects New York and Zürich twice daily, so you can easily combine a trip to Switzerland with a visit to New York.

If you wish to travel from the US directly to Geneva, flights are available via Frankfurt and Paris. The transfer time will be at least one day, but this option might come in handy if you want to go on a European tour or combine your Switzerland trip with other destinations.

When it comes to Swiss Tourism, there is a wide range of things to do and places to visit. In this article, we will outline some of the most popular tourist attractions and share some insider tips with you that might come in handy when planning your trip!

The Swiss Alps are by far one of the most-visited parts of Switzerland. The alpine landscape is dotted with crystal-clear lakes, medieval castles, and stunning panoramas that are worth seeing. It is one of the best options for flights to Switzerland from US. 

One of the most visited cities in Switzerland is Zürich. Being very charming and one of the biggest Swiss cities, you will find plenty to do here – from museum visits to shopping, strolling down the Limmatquai, or visiting Grossmunster, Zurich has it all.

Another great destination in Switzerland is Geneva. This city is a famous economic center and hence a thriving place with many attractions to explore. Whether you want to visit the European headquarters of the United Nations or learn more about Swiss chocolate – a trip to Geneva will not disappoint you.

To explore more of Switzerland, head over to Lucerne. This charming city is filled with medieval buildings, towers, and cobblestone streets that are great for walking around. Visit the Chapel Bridge or Lion’s monument – they both make a fantastic photo!

Many tourists think of Switzerland as a land of chocolate and chalets. While chocolate can be found anywhere in the world these days, true Swiss Chalets are only available when traveling to the Alps region. These traditional wooden buildings will bring out your inner Swiss for sure!

When in Switzerland, don’t miss out on seeing some of its most exciting cities, including Zürich, Geneva, Lucerne, Basel, Bern, and Lausanne. All of them are great to explore, with easy connections between cities available for the most of the year.

Where to find the cheapest flights

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How to book a flight

There are many great deals on flights to Switzerland from US. They feature round-trip tickets, which can be costly when a person is traveling for a wedding or other special occasion. However, there are times when a person will find a one-way ticket that is very affordable and convenient.

That’s why millions of people use the internet to search for flights to Switzerland from the US each year. Sometimes they can find an affordable market, but it’s cheaper to fly back home in many cases. Either way, there are plenty of great deals out there when looking for flights to Switzerland from US.

The best place to start looking for airline tickets is at the company’s website that offers flights to Switzerland from US. It is the best place because it has all of the available options listed on one page. People can select their city of origin, how many stops they want to make, and whether or not they are flexible with dates.

A person might discover that if they fly out on a specific date but don’t fly back home immediately, they might save money because ticket prices tend to drop when there is more than one stop.

If looking for flights to Switzerland from US online isn’t successful enough, a person might consider calling the company that does the flying. Usually, it’s worth calling just in case someone has canceled or if other deals are not listed online.

Sometimes companies will have deals just for phone reservations, so it’s always worth getting on the line to check things out. When calling, a person can get help from someone familiar with the company and who knows all of the options available to them. Prices change regularly so sometimes there are great deals to be had.

The best thing to do when looking for flights to Switzerland from US is to be flexible. A person can select a destination and a date, but they should also consider the number of stops they want to make. For some people, it might be cheaper to fly back home on another day, while others may get a great deal if they pass out on a specific date but don’t fly home for a few days.

Many different factors go into the price of airline tickets, so sometimes, it can be challenging to determine what will be the best deal.

People always have dreams about where they want to travel to next. Some people have never left their hometown, so their aim is simply to leave the state or fly out of the country. This can be an expensive dream, which is why it’s best to find deals on flights before they plan their trip.

When looking for flights to Switzerland from US, people should always consider everything that is available. Sometimes they’ll get a great deal when flying out but not flying home immediately.

What to pack

With the proper knowledge, you can fit an entire wardrobe into your carry-on and personal items.

Start with a large suitcase or duffel bag for your main luggage. The bag should fit under the seat in front of you without any trouble but wide enough to allow for some slight expansion during filling. If possible, choose a less-stiff suitcase that will conform to the amount of stuff you put in it.

You don’t want your clothes to get too wrinkled, so pack an extra-large plastic bag along with your main luggage. It should roughly match the size of a full sheet or a twin-sized blanket. When packing, place one sheet on top of all your clothes. Fold it several times until it fits neatly under the rest of the clothing, and then set this plastic layer over them to prevent wrinkling and leave a flat surface for quick inspection at airport security.

With that done, now you can start filling up your luggage with as much as possible. Place the items neatly according to size and weight. Put your shoes in first, socks and all, and then fill the space with light-weight clothing such as undergarments and tank tops—Tuck larger pieces of clothing into smaller ones for a close fit. Your bag should not bulge or buckle when filled.

Where you should stay

On your next trip to Switzerland, you will be faced with the dilemma of where to stay. There are many options available; you could stay in a hostel, apartment rental, or hotel. This article is meant to give you some ideas on what type of accommodation would suit your needs best.

Switzerland offers all types of hotels and resorts that cater to the many different kinds of travelers. The hotels range from very expensive and luxurious, such as the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Zurich, to more affordable options like the Three Kings Hotel in Bern. Many visitors choose to stay at a chalet or apartment of some sort while they visit Switzerland.

This gives them flexibility when they travel because they can eat dinner either at their chalet or in the city. Groups particularly prefer this because they can take advantage of splitting the accommodation cost. These apartments are available all over Switzerland; one example would be Chalet Vagabond. The prices will vary depending on the location and amenities offered, but this could make your trip cheaper if you are traveling in a group.

Some resorts in the Swiss Alps offer guests the opportunity to stay in one of their tents or chalets. These often have all the amenities that a hotel has but give you the experience of sleeping in the Swiss Alps. Again, this would be an option for groups who want to split costs and have a little extra room to move around. One example of this type of resort is Chalet Leiser.

Things to do when in Switzerland

The following are some ideas on what to do/see in Switzerland. The list is not meant to be exhaustive but merely indicative of the possibilities offered by this beautiful country.

  • Buy chocolate at Lindt, Cailler, Sprüngli, and/or other locations. 
  • Go to a viewing platform – some recommended places: Schilthorn (Piz Gloria), Lauterbrunnen (Grimsel or Stechelberg at the bottom of the valley or Bannalp above Mürren), Niesen (top of mountain railway), Wengen (mountain station straight out of the station). 
  • Go to a concert, opera, or another musical event in one of Switzerland’s many beautiful concert halls. 
  • Go to the nearest bar and enjoy being surrounded by Swiss people while understanding barely a word they say.
  • Take a picture of yourself in front of something tall, e.g., the Jet d’Eau, the KKL Luzern, or with your friend on top of one of Switzerland’s many mountains.
  • Go to one of the two CERN sites near Geneva/Meyrin and learn what is being done at the “European Laboratory for Particle Physics”.
  • Eat a lot of chocolate and drink a lot of Swiss wine. (For real!)
  • Go to an IMAX movie, built into one of Switzerland’s many mountains, such as the HAAP films-paleo-park in Wengen.
  • Take a day trip to another Swiss town or city, e.g., Basel, Lucerne, Neuchâtel, Zug, Bern – they are all worth visiting!
  • Go skiing/snowboarding or snowshoeing/cross-country skiing in any of Switzerland’s many ski resorts.
  • Swiss railway ticket machines can be a bit confusing to a newcomer, but they are pretty easy to use – if you know-how.

If you want to know abou things to do in Newquay and Mojacar.

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One of the most popular destinations for flights to Switzerland from US. It has many airports and is home to many different airlines that offer cheap flights to Switzerland from US.