Plan a Top Quality Fantasy Travel to Greece

Before going into fantasy travel to Greece, let’s know about the fantasy tourism which is on the rise, with more people wanting to escape their daily stress, rush, and hassles of life. Fantasy travel means leaving behind your work, home, family, and friends to do an adventure that you know will give you a lifetime of memories. Fantasy travel destinations are limitless, but some countries seem to be dominating the world of fantasy travel.

Fantasy Travel to Greece

Fantasy travel can be quickly done over the internet. Tourism is all about having fun and not taking things too seriously. Fantasy travel destinations are chosen for their unusual natural scenes, ancient architecture, colorful culture, and unique topography.

Top Fantasy Travel to Greece Destinations

As far as fantasy travel to Greece destinations go, Greece is one of the best places to visit in the world. Fantasy travel to Greece is a dream for many tourists, and Greeks will appreciate your interest in their country’s rich history.

Greece will provide you with a lifetime of memories, and the photo opportunities, the Greek food, and all other experiences make this trip something worth living out.

Greece is fantastic for those that enjoy island-hopping because almost every fantasy travel destination in Greece is a beautiful island. Fantasy travel to Greece means visiting many islands and taking advantage of all the outdoor pursuits each beautiful destination offers. 

Skiathos Island

This fantasy travel to Greece destination is perfect for those that love beaches, diving, water sports, and fun. Skiathos is one of Greece’s most popular attractive destinations due to its beautiful beaches, great food, and attractions.

Mykonos Island

You can imagine travelling to Mykonos as your very own version with activities like scuba diving, windsurfing, or tours of the island. Fantasy travel to Greece is best enjoyed when you visit Mykonos, and this travel destination is one not to be missed if island movies are your thing.

Santorini Island

Santorini is a small travel destination but has been made famous thanks to its attraction of being surrounded by volcanoes. Santorini is a dream come true for those that have imagined themselves as travelers on island or movie lovers. You can enjoy popular activities like scuba diving, horseback riding, and hiking some steep hills on Santorini.

Hydra Island

Hydra Island is a Greece travel destination but perfect for the trip lovers. Hydra island is one of the top destinations for the fantasy travel in Greece bucket list because of its small size, great restaurants, and laid-back atmosphere. Hydra is popular for those that enjoy sailing, windsurfing, or kayaking.

Crete Island

Crete Island is fantasy travel to Greece’s most oversized island and offers active activities for everyone from cave exploring, sunbathing, windsurfing to museums. Crete island is a beautiful destination that will keep you busy for days.

Halkidiki Peninsula

Halkidiki has three peninsulas that provide amazing activities like scuba diving, active sports, and sunbathing. Halkidiki Peninsula is fantasy travel to Greece’s most prominent peninsula and has something for everyone.

Corfu Island

Corfu is a fantasy travel to Greece destination, which is perfect for those that love water sports, sunbathing and hiking to unique rock formations. Trip to Corfu Island is popular with those that enjoy sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, and sailing.

Rhodes Fantasy Island

Rhodes is one of the most famous islands in Greece and home to many castles and forts which you can explore on your travel to Rhodes Island. Rhodes is popular with those that enjoy sports like scuba diving and kite-surfing.

Athens City

“Welcome to Greece! Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece. With 3,090,508 inhabitants (in 2011) in the municipal area, it is also the country’s most populated municipality. The urban area of Athens extends beyond its administrative city limits with a population of 3,7 million people (in 2011), being the fifth-most populous in Europe after London, Paris, Istanbul, and Ruhr Area.

Athens, one of the top ‘fantasy travel to Greece’ destinations and is home to many ancient attractions and modern iconic  landmarks that you can explore on your trip. The city itself is the best city in Greece. Athens tourist destination gives you many activities like sightseeing tours, cruises, and sports. Travel to Athens City is popular with those that love history, shopping, or exploring cities.

Athens is a global city because of its location in the center of the Aegean basin. It is also known for supporting the arts, international trade, education and tourism.” – Wikipedia.

Please stop by this ancient capital to explore its history dating back 5000 years, marvel at the Parthenon, the Agora, and other masterpieces of classical architecture. Visit Roman Agrippa’s fountain to witness its grandeur, take a stroll in Plaka, the city’s old town with beautiful 19th-century neoclassical mansions, or go shopping at Kolonaki for high fashion brands.

The Acropolis, the Roman Agora, and the Temple of Olympian Zeus are among Athens’s most significant architectural achievements. Athens is home to multiple festivals throughout the year, including its International Film Festival and Athens & Epidaurus Festival, which attract international artists and audiences every year.

A day trip to Delphi

Standing in an imposing position on Mount Parnassus, some 2,400 feet above sea level is necessary. You may also want to visit Corinth, Mycenae, the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, and Cape Sounion, which are on the southern coastline of Attica within easy reach from Athens.

Athens is served by Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, which handles about 15 million passengers every year.

For more information, visit the official website of the Greek National Tourism Organisation at

History & Tourist Attractions in Athens:

“Athens, home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations, is where East meets West at its most iconic. An ancient city of myth and legend, the capital of Greece has been a cradle of art, architecture, and culture for more than 3,000 years.

As soon as you touch down at Athens International Airport or cross into the city from the surrounding Attica region, it quickly becomes clear how much history is on display here: ancient temples stand next to glass skyscrapers; Byzantine churches share airspace with fashionable bars.

The city’s beauty can be found in its famous ancient sites, including the iconic Acropolis and the Parthenon temple, but modern Athens has plenty of charms too. The city is home to vibrant nightlife, a vast cultural scene, and some of the best shopping in Europe. And then there’s the cuisine – fresh seafood combined with delicious local wines and oils served everywhere from fine dining restaurants to tiny tavernas.”

Attica is a historical region of Greece that encompasses Athens and several surrounding towns and islands, including Salamis Island. The name is derived from Attis, a Greek mythological hero famous in Athens. The region lies at the central portion of the Attica peninsula and includes the mountains surrounding the Athenian basin and the offshore island of Salamis.

Peloponnesus or Peloponnese is a large peninsula forming the southernmost part of mainland Greece. Divided into seven administrative regions, it encompasses nearly all of its territory. Its central city is Patras in Western Peloponnese, and there are several ports such as Pyrgos, Katakolon, and Kavala.

Athens’ history dates back to antiquity when it became a major center of civilization through the political power of its empire. The ancient city was named after Athena, the goddess of wisdom and warfare, from whom Athenians derived their name. Overlooking the ancient Agora or marketplace is the Parthenon temple dedicated to her.

Neoclassical buildings such as the Zappeion Exhibition Hall and Hadrian’s Arch reflect a substantial 19th-century influence. It is a city of contrasts where ancient ruins and historic sites like the Kerameikos Cemetery, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, and Hadrian’s Library coexist with modern malls, bars, and nightlife spots.

How to get there when planning a ‘Fantasy Travel to Greece’?

Athens International Airport (ATH) is served by numerous carriers, including Air Canada, Aer Lingus, British Airways, Air Berlin, and others.

More information: Greece’s official tourism website at

Before the city became the capital of Modern Greece in 1834, Athens was just a tiny town with 400 people. The Acropolis was built between 447 and 438 BC and stands high (the Parthenon is 241 ft tall), dominating the skyline. The legendary kings Theseus and Oedipus are said to have been buried here and other ancient Greek figures from Heracles to Lycurgus, King of Edoni.

The Roman Agora, the Theatre of Dionysos, and Hadrian’s Library lie to the south side of the hill.

To the north is the Ancient Market, with its stalls selling fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers, jewelry, pottery, and souvenirs. On Saturdays, it becomes an open-air antique market.

The Panathenaic Stadium was first built for the 1896 Olympic Games and restored from 1982 to 1984. Today, it hosts sporting events but is best known as a concert venue because of its scenic location between the Acropolis and the Temple of Olympian Zeus – which was never completed.

A walk along Adrianou Street provides a glimpse into 19th-century Athens with its neoclassical buildings housing restaurants, bars, and shops. The city’s most famous shopping street is pedestrianized Ermou Street with designer stores like Armani, Hugo Boss, and Gucci.

Athens has long been known for its plethora of superb eateries, from tiny tavernas in the Plaka to fine dining restaurants in Kolonaki, the city’s swankiest district. Seafood is a specialty, and fresh fish can be found everywhere from the waterfront to the central market at Pireos Street.

Athens has various cultural attractions, such as the Byzantine and Christian Museum, whose collection includes icons, manuscripts, and early printed books. The Benaki Museum showcases everyday items donated by immigrants who settled in Greece from the Balkans and the eastern Mediterranean.

The capital’s most extensive museum is the National Archaeological Museum which spans three floors with exhibits from prehistoric Greece to Roman times, including vases, marble sculptures, jewelry, and coins. The Numismatic Museum has more than half a million coins on display, while the Acropolis Museum provides an insight into the world-famous site.

The capital is a city of pleasures with music and dance venues from historic theatres to live bars. Concerts, operas, and ballet are held at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, which was built in 161 AD, while the ancient open-air theatre of Epidaurus hosts summer performances. The Athens Concert Hall is the country’s most prestigious music venue and hosts symphony orchestras, operas, ballets, and contemporary dance shows.

Lovers of nightlife are spoilt for choice with bars, clubs, and live music venues that keep the city buzzing until well into the early hours. The bohemian enclave of Gazi is known for its lively bars and nightclubs, while Kolonaki has some of the trendiest venues.

Ios Island

Ios fantasy travel destination has beaches perfect for lounging all day, sports activities, and is home to an active amazing party scene. Ios Island is popular with those that enjoy the beach life or camping underneath the stars on Ios Island.

Zakynthos Island

Zakynthos is a famous travel destination and is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. Zakynthos Island is the best island for those who enjoys camping under the stars. Travelling to Zakynthos is also popular to those that enjoys water sports like kayaking or windsurfing.

Kefalonia Island

Kefalonia, a travel destination like no other and one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. Kefalonia Island has many exclusive outdoor activities like mountain climbing, hiking, or biking. Traveling to Kefalonia fantasy island is popular for exploring camping outdoors or exciting scuba diving.

Samos Island

Samos is the island which offers history for those history buffs and outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or scuba diving. When you travel to Samos Island,  its popular camping outdoors or sports like kayaking and kite-surfing is a must experience.

Chios Island

Chios has beaches perfect for lounging all day, sports activities, and is home to an active party zone.  Chios island is popular with those that wants to enjoy the beach life and likes to experience camping underneath the stars.

Lesbos Island

Lesbos island in Greece offers you history. For those called the history buffs it is perfect place to explore. Lesbos island is popular with travelers that enjoy camping outdoors or sunbathing on the beaches.

Astypalea Island

Astypalea is one of the most attractive islands in Greece and has many exciting outdoor activities like mountain climbing, hiking, or biking. You can enjoy camping outdoors or sports like kayaking and kite-surfing on this island.

Tinos Island

This place offers exclusive and unique outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or scuba diving.

Lefkada Island

Lefkada island in Greece has beaches, perfect fantastically for lounging all day, sports activities. It is home to an active party scene. Enjoying the beach life and camping underneath the stars are very attractive to the travelers. 

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Ancient Greece, its culture and festival

During the Bronze age, Greece was home to many civilizations, which included the invention of shaving. There were three different beards during this time: one for a suitor, one for an older man, and the last for a god. The suitor’s beard consisted only of the mustache and chin hair, while the older men had a full beard.

The beard for a god was also known as a goat-beard and was exclusive to them. Greek men would wear their beards during special events, such as when they were in mourning or when participating in a competition.

Greek men grew their facial hair long because it signified power and respect from other citizens. Shaving was only made in exceptional circumstances, such as being clean when participating in athletic events or going into battle.

Soldiers would also shave before going into action so that their enemies could not grab onto their facial hair during hand-to-hand combat. They are depicted with only mustaches on statues of famous Greek soldiers.

When the men went to war, they would wear full beards. When they returned from battle, the soldiers would shave their beards and cut their hair before entering back into society. Once Greek men entered Greek culture again, only older men could grow out their beards.

During the Ancient Olympic Games, there was a specific sport that Greeks competed in called pankration. The men would wear their beards long and did not cut them until after death.

They also wore their hair long and freed, enabling them to grab onto it when fighting an opponent without a beard. This is why Olympic contestants are depicted with a full beard and long hair in statues to honor them for their sports achievements, even if they were from other countries.

The ancient Greeks had several different festivals where men would wear beards to honor the gods and goddesses. Women wore fake beards during the Thesmophoria festival to celebrate the goddess Demeter, representing fertility and harvest. They did this because they believed that women were not supposed to wear beards.

However, Zeus was honored during his festival with men wearing fake beards, and Poseidon’s festival had men wear fake beards along with their hair long while Hera’s festival also had women grow their hair long with a phony beard attached to them.

What an amazing history! It holds many more historical stories and places that you should visit and know for yourself. 

If you are planning to go on a fantasy travel to Greece, then these information’s will surely help you to plan your trip at its best! Enjoy and share!