15 Best Things to do in Mojacar

Mojacar is a truly amazing old town in the south of Spain, on the Costa de Almeria in Andalusia. There are so numerous magnificent things to do in Mojacar. Mojacar is one of Andalusia’s lesser-known beauties with a lot of visitors, whatever their preferences.

Things to do in Mojacar

Mojacar’s Pueblo

Pueblo is an old town and Pueblo is regularly an unprecedented and interesting portion of Mojacar for roaming, and investigating it ought to be in the rundown. This stunning place is suspended over slopes for centuries. There are shops, little tapas joints, astounding taverns, and too many tattoo parlors, close by the perfect old residencies and energetic blossoms, which float their fragrance all through. There are so many famous and beautiful restaurants in pueblo, which makes it a very authentic Mojacar place to eat. It surely is one of the best Things to do in Mojacar.


The Playa (Beach)

Mojacar is one territory split into two segments, the Village (Pueblo) and the Beach (Playa). Mojacar’s Playa reaches up to seventeen kilometers from the Torre Bahia directly along to the accompanying town of Garrucha. It obliges such a coastline sweetheart with portions great to book scrutinizing and sunbathing, regions with numerous bars on the beach or chiringuito, or for a fundamentally more affable social affair vibe. Also, MAUI Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches. Should have been a popular Things to do in Mojacar.


In Spain, it is something you should not miss. This is the first thing that people would love to do in Mojacar. Various little tapas foundations in Mojacar in the Pueblo connected with Playa. Exploring Mojacar one should go to tapas at least on time. On the beach, there are so many tapas. Los Arcos is an incredible easygoing spot for attempting different tapas. Numerous Spanish diners. Don’t miss this!



The Pueblo Indalo Hotel is a water sports Samoa Surf, the best time spots to see in Mojacar. Likewise, windsurfing, lease swim and figure out a lot of other things to do so, or in case you’re feeling courageous try their banana boats; are fun too.

Chill at Chiringuito

Chiringuito means beach bar. This place is fixed with coastline bars, all the more truly Spanish ones, for example, El Cid and Mandala Beach. This bar has so many chilled vibes that people love to go there and enjoy the most. There are large comfortable seats and bean sacks with loosen up motion for music-holics. Likewise, they played the infrequent nearby band. By and large, these bars are on till late at night.


Flamenco is one kind of dance that should be the first thing to do in Mojacar. This is something that people always admired to do. Also, it is an award-winning famous local dance. The places Paco Fernandez and Francesca Girone are one the most well-known Flamenco artists. These types of dance performances are there rounding about the whole Mojacar. This is really fun to do and this must be on the top of the list.

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There are so many flea markets where anyone can buy. These are the Sunday flea market. Likewise Wednesday road market there are places for buying organic products and other daily groceries. Groceries produced directly from the farmers. You can find organic products from Mojacar markets. Also, the fruits and vegetables are fresh.

The Commercial Center

Boutique garments, workmanship and neighborhood makes stores, some charming little bistros are accessible there. The Mercadona is the greatest market in the zone. On the off chance that anybody loves shopping, it’s an extraordinary activity in Mojacar.

Santa Maria Church

Probably the best sight for the historical backdrop of the city is Santa Maria Church. It is permitted to head inside, and is visit-able essentially continually, aside from when there’s an intermittent nearby wedding occurring. It is an overwhelming structure that looms over the little living spaces, with its direct “Moorish Alcazaba” style sand outside intended for adoration and guaranteeing the pueblo’s home safety.

The Plaza Nueva

The village is the real and social focal point of the Mojacar region. This is an unprecedented place to sit by and observe the journey of the universe. This is the perfect place to relax and snitch around the day with coffee.

Buceo Mojacar

Mojacar’s sea is remarkable for water lovers as they can swim to their fullest and there are also a few worthy snorkeling spots, a brave activity in Mojacar for pleasure. In addition, a plunging course can be taken by anyone. Besides that, there is additionally a fun movement to do which is fishing. A lot of people enjoy trying to get the biggest fish. One of the exciting Things to do in Mojacar.

Marina Golf

A substantial proportion of individuals are sports devotees. Marina Golf is a suitable venue for them. Marina Golf Mojacar is conveniently accessible on the outskirts of the city, at the end of Garrucha. Similarly, Marina Golf Apartments are open. Even in the state of summer at more than 30 degrees Celsius, anyone can look around where there are consistently green. In addition, at Marina Golf, individuals can boost their swing. To pass time, it is one of the best Things to do in Mojacar.


Moros y Christianos Festival

In the eighth century, Moroccans, the Moors, placed Southern Spain. While the rest of the settlers gave up, the administrator of Mojacar, Alabez, did not. He set up an everlasting conversation with Captain Garcilaso de la Vega about how he felt that he was as Spanish as Garcilaso and his family, and he trusted them to be kinfolk. This affiliation is praised with a monumental four-day festivity with hikes, gatherings, and unquestionable reenactments.

Mojacar Restaurants

Mojacar’s food scene obliges numerous preferences.  There are so many restaurants with many foods. Also, many types of Spanish dishes, in the Spanish eateries and spotted with the playa, just as worldwide charge, for example, few past British bar nourishment for the achy to visit the family vacationers in different scenes as well. And the prices of foods also average.

Cove of Agate

This a national park. It is situated 72km south of Mojacar and it is the biggest ensured seaside region in Andalusia and Spain’s just official desert. This place is such a beautiful place and it must be on the list.

Though there is no public transport so it will be better to rent a car because this place should not be missed. A great place for sight seeing and is a best Things to do in Mojacar.