15 Top Things to Do in Newquay

There are amazing things to do in Newquay, located on the north coast of Cornwall, in southwest England. It is known as England’s surfing paradise. There are a lot of things that can be done in Newquay.

Here are the Best Things to Do in Newquay


Newquay is known as one of the best places to surf in England. There are a lot of broad sandy beaches, and massive waves come from the Atlantic, which makes surfing a lot more enjoyable and probably one of the main reasons why surfing in Newquay is so famous. Unique things to do in Newquay. There are also some surf schools and camps that offer accommodation.


Fistral Beach

It is the best surfing beach in Newquay. It is located in the west, and the waves of the north Atlantic can mostly be found on the Fistral beach. The beach is also covered with an almost 750 meter strip of sand that is golden. Most of the surfing competitions are held in the Fistral beach most of the time. It is the best beach for people new at surfing as there are many surf schools, shops, etc.

A wonderful things to do in Newquay. And watching sunsets on the beach is one of the most relaxing things to do. So, after surfing in the day, seeing the sun setting is quite enjoyable.

Autumn sunset over Fistral Beach, Newquay, Cornwall.

Porth beach 

One of the safest places and a go-to for family trips. In the summer surfing is not allowed in Porth beach. However, Porth beach is one of the safest places to surf. Also, this beach can be an amazing place to relax and have a good time on a family trip.

Trerice House

Apart from surfing and being on the beach, this is a fantastic place to visit. This mesmerizing Elizabeth house looks almost the same as it was built nearly 450 years ago. This place has virtually 1000 pieces of art, decorations, and furniture to look at. Since the 1950s, the national trust has been looking after this masterpiece. Outside the house, there are planted various kinds of historical trees.

A fantastic things to do in Newquay. This place is not only a beautiful place to visit but also a perfect way to enrich our knowledge on historical events.

You can also know about the famous Arundel Castle simply by clicking on the name!

Crantock Beach

This beach is also in the care of national trust. This beach is almost the same as the fristal beach. However, this is safer and suitable for people who are new to surfing. There is the big green surfing school that helps to provide the necessary equipment. From May to September, the RNLI lifeguards are present there. Though this beach also has some high waves, this is relatively safer.

Watergate Bay

This is located three miles away from the center. There is a community with different shops and restaurants. With two miles of golden sand, this place also has waves coming from the Atlantic. Surfers coming from other areas come here for the high breaks. This is perfect for kite flying and kite surfing as well.

NEWQUAY, ENGLAND – AUGUST 10: People gather at sun set at the annual Boardmasters music festival at Watergate Bay on August 10, 2018 in Cornwall, England. Since 1981, a surfing competition has been held in Newquay and is now part of the larger five-day surf, skate and music festival Boardmasters. Whilst the music festival sees headline acts play to the crowds at Watergate Bay the surf competition attracts professional surfers from across the globe to compete on the Cornish coast line that is seen by many as the birthplace of modern British surfing.. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Newquay Harbor

This town has been there since 1939. The tunnel entrance is now used for traditional Cornish six-oared pilot gigs. In the harbor, there are a lot of cafes, inns and restaurants right now.

Panoramic dusk view across the rooftops and church towers of St. Ives to the warm glow of the quayside shops, pubs and restaurants around the famous harbour.

Gannel Estuary

The river Gannel turns into a tidal estuary before meeting with the Atlantic. This area is mostly subjected to tides. However, the place is very calm and relaxing. So, it is a perfect place to stay away from the roar of the Atlantic for some time. Some footbridges are located over some rivers. But those bridges might be flooded most of the time. It is indeed a great place to visit, but people need to be very careful there.

The River Gannel as it approaches the sea at Newquay.

Lappa valley steam railway

Kids enjoy playing around more than sitting in a place while enjoying the beach site. The Lappa valley steam railway is a train park which is something the younger kids will love. It has three gauge lines, and these lines are inside a park that has a lot of activities to offer for the kids. From the east wheel rose two new bars, which were opened in the 1990s. There are a lot of activities that can be done inside the parks. Kids can play golf, solve the brick path maze along with riding the three trains.

Cornwall aviation heritage center

The Newquay airport had a military in its airport for most of its history. However, that changed after the RAF squadron was located again in 2008. This place is a fantastic place to visit to witness some of the British people’s masterpieces. The British people made different aircraft after different wars. The famous snidely harrier jet can be seen there. This is surely a must things to do in Newquay. 


Newquay Zoo

In Cornwall, the largest zoo is the Newquay zoo. It is a place to visit. It is said that this zoo is the only house for lions. This zoo has almost 130 species, and a lot of them are entirely new to many people. This is one of the zoos that take part in inbreeding. And with its work breeds some different species like Owston’s palm civets, Sulawesi crested macaques, and red-fronted macaws.

There is also an environment inside the tropical house that is quite humid. There you can see different frogs, insects, reptiles, etc. There is also a fixed time for feeding, and the young kids can feed some penguins (like meerkats and Humboldt) there, which can be an exciting event they might look forward to.

Southwest Coast Path

Southwest coast path is a 630-mile long coastline that will take you to pole in a corset. It will lead you to a place of beautiful view and sights that is worth viewing. It is a must things to do in Newquay.


Views along the South West Coast Path on the Jurassic Coast, near Kimmeridge in Dorset.


Huers Hut

This is situated a little way up from Newquay harbor. It is a Whitestone structure that has an interesting story behind it. This was a hermitage that monks built and they used to use it to warn ships of the rocks. However, a few years later, it became the ideal vantage point for fishers. They use it to send hand signals to encircle fish with nets.

Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden is located in the Vale of Lanherne. It is a little after the airport, and it is stunning. This Japanese garden tends to be open from March to October. There are different types of gardens. Such as: Zen garden, Stroll Garden and Water Garden. These are arranged according to the Japanese tradition and various plants are planted and nurtured according to the climate of Newquay.

The garden also has a bamboo grove, Japanese maples, waterfall and also a tea house. This is a great place to learn about different plants and also to relax and have a good time. Amazing things to do in Newquay. 


Boardmasters Festival

This festival is a five-day music festival that takes place in two different locations. In Watergate bay, most of the artists perform. Watching your favorite artists perform live in such beautiful scenery is honestly mesmerizing. The fun does not only end in the live performances.

After the live there held an after-party. In the Fistral beach the international surfing competitions are held and in between their places that can be visited. There are also arrangements for barbeque and DJs and the live sessions—unique things to do in Newquay.