Top Best Tourist Places in the World

When we talk about visiting places or what are the Top Best Tourist Places in the World we can’t conclude as a whole. The definition of attraction varies from person to person, place to place and culture to culture. To some, the natural wonders are an attraction, and to some else, the high tech advanced cities and infrastructure.

But wherever you study or look, you will always find some familiar places of interests. After doing a lot of surveys, I have picked some of the best tourist places around the world. These weren’t that easy because of the world full of beauties everywhere, one better than the other. Hope my efforts will come handy to you.

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Paris - Best Tourist Places in the World

Known as the city love the capital of France not holds only iconic architectures but also history has been built here since ages. We all know about the famous Eiffel tower but trust me, this is only one of the reasons why Paris is in the top Best Tourist Places in the World. The city holds many world-class historical museums. It has its own culture and cuisine.

Tourists love the city’s quaint cafes. For shopaholics, there are exciting and trendy shopping places all around the city. Paris is also popular with the nickname “the City of Lights” because it was one of the first cities to have electricity.


Have you heard of the Roman Empire? Rome was the centre of the enormous empire. It has always been updated with advanced cultures and technologies since Roman times as it used to monitor many of the essential European areas.

Modern Rome has 280 fountains and more than 900 churches. And it is so beautiful and organised city among a dozen of attraction, The Coliseum and its murderous games is a markable one.

For the catholic, Rome is also vital for religious purposes as it holds the Vatican City. You will find great sightseeing places and of course enriched cultures here and this it makes top best tourist places in the world.


Laying back in one of the most relaxed resorts seeing the sunset with a tropical cocktail and having you love right beside you. Yes, this is Tahiti, known for one of the most lavish honeymoon destinations for couples around the world.

Located in the Windward group of the Society Islands, this small island holds its world in it. May to October is the best time to visit this place. One can also enjoy family holidays here.


London is one of the oldest colonised cities in the world with lots of Attractions. The colonisation era began here.

You will find a lot of museums, structures, jewels and gems and suitable for kids as well. London has always been in the row to develop even if it’s already a leader from politics and banking to fashion and music.


This place has always been bliss for tourists around the world. And why shouldn’t it be? Phuket doesn’t have one, but it has many beautiful beaches all over it. For the people who want to gather knowledge while travelling a fascinating culture-based Sino-Portuguese History will be found there.

If you like to sail, then it is again on the list. Phuket offers a lot to new people, and thus it is in the Top Best Tourist Places in the World. Just make a proper plan before you visit Phuket or else you won’t be able to see all the attractions it has.

Grand Canyon

Bounded by the beautiful Colorado River and billion years old colourful rocks recorded in the stands the Grand Canyon. Many unique species are yet considered to be hidden here. Grand Canyon is considered to be one of the most iconic natural wonders in the world. You can do multiple things here in this natural attraction.

Starting from hiking to horseback or burro riding, rafting, swimming, all of these things can be done here just the way you want it. This place is mostly best for sightseeing. You take a walk a copper-coloured river and see as far as you can and enjoy the view. People often spend their leisure hours here at this place.


People must be wondering why this name even here is. Well, apart from the famous Camp Nou stadium and the European giant FC Barcelona, this city is known to hold the best of both worlds.

There is an excellent coastal lining across the Mediterranean Sea with a beautiful beach to see. They have pleasant, charming people with historical structures all around the city. For a short and cheap trip, the place is undoubtedly a top Best tourist place in the world.


Considered to be one of the fascinating places in the world, Dubai has fixed its position in the Top Best Tourist Places in the World for a long time. One of those places where they have an artificial island made for their tourist attraction. From Lavish shopping brands, hotels resorts to chain restaurants, everything is just a call away.

They have their tradition and cuisine, and it is a celebrity categorised holiday country. The Arabs have built it in such a way that it was nonetheless than Las Vegas. If you want to experience a unique nightlife, then you should pay a visit to this place once. Trust me! You won’t regret it.


This capital of the Netherlands has always been an attraction for the tourists, the city where almost everything you want to do is legal. Many things you won’t ever find in any other tourist places but which are readily available here. The Rijksmuseum, the Anne Frank house and the canals are beautiful sightseeing places here. The city has well-built interior structures.

You will find a bunch of coffee shops, but one is better than the other. The very famous Red Light District is here in this city. You will also find shops selling cannabis and all. But visit Amsterdam in the off-seasons cause in the peak times the tourist becomes overloaded.


We all know that the Maldives has been a great attraction for a honeymoon or any other tourist purposes. But do you know why? You can sleep on one island and wake up in another, that’s the Maldives. It’s a country which is itself an island, but inside this, thousands of small coral Islands cover ups the whole area.

The Indian Ocean covers the whole island. It is an excellent place for swimming, fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling, water-skiing and other water sports. Take a trip in the deep blue ocean and see the marine life. You won’t find it anywhere better than here and if we are missing any best tourist places in the world please do comment below and let us so we can add them in the list.

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