Best 10 Cairo Attractions To Learn and Visit

Many times the topic is the Top Cairo Attractions to Learn and Visit list. Arises when it comes to Cairo. Egypt has always been an attraction to the world. To some for spending holidays and others for their enrich the old history of knowledge and mystery. 

Many historical minds stated that Egypt has always had mysteries hidden in its Pyramids and the 

Specific languages are still found on the walls of the antique structures. What to do and what always makes people confused. So for them, I have tried to make things a little easier. Here you can have an idea of the Top Cairo Attractions to Learn and Visit list.

Pyramids of Giza 

Pharaoh Khufu was the brain behind the building of the most famous pyramids we see today from ancient Egypt. It is found that there are about 75-80 pyramids built till now around the world. But among these, the Pyramids of Giza are the ones you will find in the Top Cairo Attractions to Learn and Visit list. There are countless numbers of reasons behind this to be on the top list.

Because the technology used behind it is still a mystery. Pyramids were first structured as royal tombs. It has an iconic structure that got it enlisted in the Natural Wonders of the World. The outer layer of these pyramids were actually made from lighter limestone.

Archeological facts state that between 2589 and 2504 BC, a total duration of 83 years. If you are a tourist to Cairo, consider yourselves fortunate because tourists can enter all three pyramids. But of course not for free.


All you need is a ticket to explore one of the most significant historical mysteries as well as a museum that holds long-lost information about the Old Kingdom of the river Nile. Limestone, granite, basalt, gypsum (mortar), and baked mud bricks were the critical items used in its construction.

The Egyptian Museum

If you want to see the ancient artifacts of Egypt, then this is something you should not miss to pay a visit. Almost 120,000 items are said to be showcased in this museum. Have you heard about the Tutankhamen collection? Well, you will find it here too in the royal Mummy room. Added to this, you will also find eleven Pharaonic dignitaries housed here. In 2011, there was a revolution in Egypt.

In between that time duration, two mummies and some precious artifacts were stolen from the museum, some were destroyed. Several were known to be damaged. The lost count reached up to around 50. 25 items has been known to be found and has been placed back. So, don’t worry the incident couldn’t do much harm. You will still be able to see the ancient artifacts, well at least most of it.

You will find two statues of King Tutankhamen built from cedar wood and wrapped with gold and a statue of King Akhenaten and a lot of ancient artifacts belonged to the royal families of Pharaohs. The museum will be structured over 5.2 million square feet and is expected to be the world’s largest museum.

It is approximated that over 5000 workers were involved in the construction of this grand museum. Because of all these, it has made its place in the Top Cairo Attractions to Learn and Visit.

Al-Azhar Mosque

This historical place has always made its positions very clear regarding holding knowledge over a millennium. Established in AD 970 as the focal point of the recently made Fatimid city, Al Azhar is one of Cairo’s previous mosques. Its sheik is viewed as the most noteworthy religious expert for Egyptian Muslims.

Through an entryway on the left simply inside the passage the tomb chamber has a lovely mihrab (a specialty demonstrating the course of Mecca) and ought not to be missed. This is a 1000 year old place. No wonder it is in the Top Cairo Attractions to Learn and Visit list.

At one time the college was one of the world’s prevalent focuses of picking up, drawing understudies from Europe and everywhere throughout the Islamic realm. The enormous present day grounds (due east) is as yet the most esteemed spot to consider Sunni religious philosophy. In AD 988, a madrassa was built up here for developing into a college that is the world’s second-most established instructive foundation.

Even though tourists could get in any case, Al Azhar was experiencing reclamation at the hour of research with the minarets concealed in the platform and the mosque’s segments closed off. They were trying to work on full phase to open it as soon as possible. Maybe before you even reach the town.

Old Cairo

Post Babylon is a Roman fortification around which huge numbers of the Egyptian Christians’ most seasoned places of worship were assembled. Now you know why it is in the Top Cairo Attractions to Learn and Visit. This territory additionally incorporates Coptic Cairo and its numerous old houses of worship and destroys of Roman fortresses.

Old Cairo contains the history and remains of the cities even before the present-day capital. You will also find the channel between Rhoda Island and Old Cairo of the country. The Metro is the fastest and smoothest transport of the place. Stations are nearby to the visiting sports, so you won’t get it challenging to find.

Panorama of Cairo cityscape taken during the sunset from the famous Cairo tower, Cairo, Egypt

Khan el-Khalili

This place was actually built in the 14th century during the time of Khan El-Khalili. In the history of Egypt, this place has always been a place of importance. There are a couple of old bistros on the spot and you’re not going to know which of them to try first. El-Fishawi bistro is one of Cairo’s most famous cafes, built-in 1797 and Naguib Mahfouz’s most beloved bistro.

Similarly worth a visit is the El-ace cafe where you will find the fantastic songs of the good pace of Kulthum. It has already made its place in the Top Cairo Attractions to Learn and Visit list. Many areas are offering regular Egyptian toll on lodging. As the Khan El Khalili Market in Cairo is located in the city Centre, one of the free transportation courses to show up will not be so hard to follow. 

The Citadel 

This place is indeed a Top Cairo Attractions to Learn and Visit. The advancement of the Citadel started in 1176, during the time of Saladin. Till 1182 the construction was incomplete. Al Malek el Kamel ruled Egypt after Saladin and was the only ruler residing in the fortress. Egypt’s Cairo Citadel is a medieval Muslim fortification installed around the old city in 1183 CE to protect against the Crusaders’ attack. Alternatively, the City of Cairo is renamed Mohamed Ali Citadel, or Saladin Citadel.


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Sultan Hassan Mosque

The Mosque-Madrassa of the Sultan Hassan is a fantastic mosque and madrasa arranged in the architecturally significant area of Cairo, Egypt. Developed somewhere within 1356 and 1363 during the Bahri Mamluk period, it was dispatched by the Sultan a Nasir Hasan. The mosque has been regarded as impressive because of its immense scale and creative compositional parts, it is still the concept to be one of the most popular essential tourist spots in Cairo today.


Bab Zuweila 

Because of this, it has already made its place in the Top Cairo Attractions to Learn and Visit list. There are interesting displays about the past of the gates, all with extensive clarifications in English, inside the building. At the same time, you get all the panoramic views loosening up to the fortification on the rooftop.Those with a statue head can also wind their way up to the two minarets’ highest point.

The beautiful Bab Zuweila was an execution site during the Mamluk period and is today the main southern entrance of Al Qahira’s medieval town was constructed in the 11th century. After holding such a story why wont it be in the Top Cairo Attractions to Learn and Visit list.

Tenth-century minarets at Bab Zuweila in Islamic Cairo, Egypt

The spirit of a retouching heavenly individual has been. Still, it is said to remain behind an extraordinary wooden passageway, which the petitioners have studded with nails and teeth as commitments over the several years.


It was a structure-like stage that deliberated how big the flood would be. A nilometer was a structure used by the ancient Egyptians to determine the water level of the Nile River during its annual flood, thus foreseeing the execution of the collection and the registration of the yearly duty rate. You can learn about the ancient technique, and therefore it made here in the Top Cairo Attractions to Learn and Visit. 

Memphis and Sakkara 

At that point, the Saqqara necropolis finds one of the most significant tombs in Egypt and appreciates King Djoser’s entrancing advanced pyramid, it is considered to be the mother of all being equal. Let the Old Kingdom’s third dynasty’s largest and most spectacular tomb. Blast with the accepted 5 stages. Get to know the exciting architecture of that period and visit the Mereruka (Optional), Kagemmi tombs, and Imhotep Museum. No wonder it hits the Top Cairo Attractions to Learn and Visit list.

Hypostyle hall at the Pyramid of Zoser – Saqqara, Egypt

Final Thought on Cairo Attractions

If you’re looking for the best 10 Cairo attractions to visit, we’ve got them right here. From ancient mosques and tombs, to modern day landmarks like our pyramids at Giza – there’s something for everyone in this list of must-see sites. We hope these suggestions help make your next trip to Egypt an unforgettable experience! ~~~Enjoy Your Trip!