18 Best Hotels In Switzerland

Did you know that Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with the best hotels in Switzerland? And it’s even more beautiful when you stay at some of their finest hotels. Whether you want to relax by a lake or climb mountains, there are many options for your ideal hotel experience. Read on to learn about five great hotels that will make your trip unforgettable!

Switzerland is a country in Europe, and it’s known for some of the best hotels. But how do you find out which ones are worth your time? It can be hard to know where to start looking, so we will break down the most famous Swiss cities and what they have to offer.


Zurich has over 200 five-star accommodations that vary from luxurious suites with panoramic views of Lake Zurich or chic family-friendly apartments near significant attractions like Bahnhofstrasse. Geneva: Geneva has over 100 four-star hotels, but budget options are also if you don’t want to spend too much on your stay. Bern: Bern is one of Switzerland’s oldest cities and offers many historic buildings and plenty of the best hotels in Switzerland. 

With their beautiful landscapes and clean, crisp air, it’s no wonder that Switzerland is a top destination for travelers. To make sure you get the most out of your trip to this picturesque country, we’ve compiled a list of the best hotels in Switzerland so you can see all the must-see spots without having to waste time figuring out where to stay. Whether you’re looking for luxury or something more low-key, we have just what you need!

Hotels in Switzerland are some of the best around. Not only are they all equipped with luxurious amenities, but they are also off to a high standard for price, location, cleanliness, and service.

There are many different hotel categories at various rates depending on the type of room, facilities offered, and location. Top choices include сharming boutique hotels in Geneva and Zurich, expensive resorts in the Alps, and mountain retreats.

A few of the best hotels in Switzerland are listed below.

The Hotel Splendid Royal in Lausanne

The Hotel Splendid Royal is located on some hillside offering the Best views over Lake Geneva and the Alps. It provides the Best facilities, including the Best spa area with the Best jacuzzi on some huge terraces, which I love.

 The Hotel Splendid Royal is an eco-friendly boutique hotel based in Switzerland, one of the best locations for a holiday break in Europe. Hotel Best Splendid Royal is known for its Best views over Geneva Lake and Morges Alps.

The Bellevue Palace in Geneva

The Bellevue Palace is a sumptuous hotel in Geneva, Switzerland. It dated back to the 19th century and was built by architect Samuel Bodmer. The hotel has welcomed kings, prime ministers, celebrities, and other essential figures since its opening.

The hotel has 249 rooms decorated with an exquisite taste that allows its rooms to retain their unique personality and charm.

The hotel is well-known for its exceptional service and impeccable taste in decorating its rooms. All these combine to provide a memorable experience during the stay in the hotel and when one looks back at it after returning home.

A first-rate restaurant is part of this Swiss luxury hotel, where guests enjoy delicious food and a great wine list. Geneva is a city of extraordinary beauty, and the Bellevue Palace has become one of its most visited attractions.

All these features make it a top-rated hotel among customers from all over the world who come here to relax and enjoy every moment of their stay in this incredible place.

The hotel is located in Geneva, Switzerland, and it has been an essential landmark of the city since 1875.

Le Montreux Palace

A luxury hotel with an excellent location and breathtaking views of Lake Geneva and one of the best hotels in Switzerland. 

The Hotel Le Montreux Palace is located in Montreux, next to Lake Geneva and a stone’s throw from the famous Chateau de Chillon.

The hotel has 77 rooms and suites, each with its unique style. An outdoor swimming pool provides stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains; you can also relax in the sauna, steam room, or whirlpool.

Switzerland, Montreux, garden of hotel Le Montreux Palace

Intercontinental Zurich

This 5-star hotel is located near the airport and offers easy access to the city center by public transportation or taxi.

The InterContinental hotel is located in the prime district of Zurich (Kreis 4), directly on Lake Zürich. This luxury five-star hotel provides various rooms and suites with lake views, five restaurants offering an international kitchen, an indoor pool, a wellness center, and the “Spa by InterContinental.”

The impressive lobby invites linger; its designer furniture makes it the perfect place to meet new friends. The “Grüner Salon” restaurant in modern style provides international cuisine and fresh ingredients with a Mediterranean touch.

The intercontinental hotel has five stars in everything – luxury facilities, a great location directly at the lake Zurich and a well-kept wellness area and is one of the best hotels in Switzerland. 

In the center of Zurich, directly on Lake Zürich, this luxury hotel provides everything from impressive suites with lake views to designer furniture in the lobby inviting you to linger. In addition, five restaurants are offering international kitchens and a well-kept wellness center.

Swissotel Lucerne

This 4-star hotel has been awarded for its sustainable approach to tourism and hospitality and is know as one of the best hotels in Switzerland. 

What do you need from the best hotels in Switzerland?

The answer to this question is different from one person to another. For some, a comfortable bed and a nice shower are all they want. Others love the view right by their rooms’ windows. Still, others enjoy most hotels’ amenities outside of actual rooms – gyms, restaurants, bars, or even casinos.

Whatever your hotel preferences are, there is one thing that will almost always be true about the hotel you choose. You want it to be as close to what you are looking for as possible. You wouldn’t stay in a five-star luxury room overlooking the sea if all you wanted was a bed with no windows and an ugly shower.

However, what if the hotel you were looking for had all this and more? What if it was one of the best hotels in Switzerland? If you want to find out more about Swissotel Lucerne, keep reading – we will tell you all there is to know about this luxurious boutique hotel.

Swissotel is a worldwide chain of boutique hotels based in Switzerland. All of their locations share the same general look and feel, making them easily recognizable. They also share a solid commitment to ethics and sustainable practices with a particular focus on environmental concerns.

What sets Swissotel apart from most other hotels, though, is their size. While they have many locations across the world – mainly in Europe and Asia – each has a capacity of at least 400 units and less than 1000 rooms. This is much smaller than most other four-star or five-star boutique hotels, which can hold anywhere from around 100 to several thousand guests at a time.

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This is one of the things that Swissotel prides itself on. They want to be a small hotel with big service – a family for their guests rather than just a place to stay overnight. They have many amenities that more prominent hotels don’t have – private drivers and assistants, furs to borrow, pet-friendly rooms, and even assistants for children.

One of the things that make Swissotel stand out is their attention to detail. They genuinely want all 60 guests in each one of their hotels to have a wonderful stay – from the extensive amenities down to little components, such as shower caps or portable phone chargers. They also want their guests to be as comfortable as possible, which is why all rooms come with a Nespresso machine and the option for breakfast in bed. For those who practice sport – headphone sets are even available for free, so you can keep going while listening to your favorite music.

Swissotel also has a solid philosophy when it comes to sustainability. It is so strong that they have a dedicated team of people called the Swissotel Circle for Sustainable Development. This group advises management on how to serve their guests best while being as environmentally conscious as possible. They focus primarily on recycling and composting but also include ideas like free bikes for guests to use. It is a beautiful example of how hotels can make sure they are ethical in the environment and financially responsible by carefully choosing their ideas. It is a high rated one of the best hotels in Switzerland. 

All in all, Swissotel is genuinely one of the best luxury hotels in Switzerland. If you would like to learn more about this hotel or any of their other locations, you can check them out on The Luxury Travel Bible website.

Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva

This luxury boutique hotel is situated on the shores of Lake Geneva’s western shoreline, just minutes from downtown.

The Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva is one of the best hotels in Switzerland. Situated in front of Lake Geneva, this luxury hotel is just opposite the Swiss Parliament and 10 minutes away from UNOG -United Nations Office at Geneva. It offers fantastic views over the lake and city that are well worth seeing. The beautiful five stars hotel is located 15 minutes away from the airport and city center. What makes this place unique is its original paintings, sculptures, and tapestries found throughout the building’s public areas. Each room is exquisitely decorated with a blend of fabrics, fine furnishings, luxurious finishes.

Switzerland offers some beautiful ski resorts for winter sports lovers. The Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva is conveniently located at the foot of the slopes and near shops and restaurants.

The 5-star hotel offers exceptional service through its highly professional staff, as well as a luxurious atmosphere for those who want to pamper themselves with their loved ones. A beautiful and one of the best hotels in Switzerland. 

You can enjoy culinary delights at the Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva. Enjoy fine dining, traditional dishes in the restaurant or delicious snacks in the coffee shop.

Whether you are looking for a romantic weekend for two, family holidays with your kids, or an occasion to celebrate with friends, this 5-star luxury hotel has got all that you could wish for and much more.

The Schloss hotel

Lausanne, in French-speaking Switzerland, is a truly international city. It hosts the headquarters of several world organizations, such as the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The Schloss Hotel is located at Ouchy, on Lake Leman (the other name for Lake Geneva). The lake and its beautiful surroundings offer many activities: yacht sailing, diving, fishing, cycling, and more.

The hotel has two restaurants: Le Tony’s, the official restaurant of “Lausanne Palace” (the name for the headquarters of the IOC), and Le Bistrot de l’Ouest specializing in Swiss cuisine.

The bar off Rue Barrière gives access to a panoramic terrace with a magnificent view of the lake and the Alps.

The most beautiful gardens in Lausanne are to be found behind the Schloss hotel. The park was created by Charles François Dumoulin, who also designed Geneva’s city parks. In front of the Schloss hotel, you will find access to Lake Geneva through a promenade that provides a breathtaking view of Mont Blanc.

The history of this hotel dates back to the beginning of the 20th century when Auguste Salis built it. This man from Piedmont transformed Lausanne into an Italian city, as he invited many friends from his home country to live here.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Lausanne was a city with many diplomatic organizations close to Geneva. In addition, during World War 1, Switzerland remained neutral, so it served as a bridge between Germany and its enemies. The Schloss hotel hosted famous people such as Thomas Mann, Max Reinhardt, and Igor Stravinsky.

In 2004, a project was launched to renovate the hotel, which was completed in 2007 altogether.

The Schloss Hotel is the only luxury establishment of Ouchy and it is considered one of Lausanne’s most prestigious hotels.

Hotel Schweitzerof Lucerne

The Hotel Schweitzer is located in the historic district of Lucerne, Switzerland. It used to be a home that was turned into an inn in 1875. The hotel’s location is the best part about it, aside from its history. It sits right across from one of the most famous Swiss attractions, the Chapel Bridge, which goes across the Reuss River and is a quaint wooden bridge with paintings and beautiful flower boxes.

The hotel itself is an excellent place to stay for both tourists and business people alike. It has everything necessary for its guests’ convenience, including laundry service, fax services, wireless high-speed internet access, many restaurants nearby, executive conference rooms available on the first floor, and more.

The hotel also provides some great special offers that can be found on its website. For example, the “Biedermeier Package” gives tourists access to a traditional Swiss Biedermeier suite for four Euros per person, cheaper than usual. It also includes free entry to the museum of Lucerne, a free ride with the historic tram of Lucerne, and a free walking tour.

Another great offer is the “Culture Package,” which gets guests discounted tickets to local events as well as a free walking tour. It also includes an excellent homemade breakfast buffet at Schweitzer’s restaurant. With a lot of features and facilities it is one of the best hotels in Switzerland. 

There are many other great offers, such as the “Passion Package,” which includes a romantic dinner at Schweitzer’s restaurant and a two-night stay for two people in one room. The hotel also provides its guests with free wireless internet access as well as many other perks.

The Hotel Schweitzer is an excellent choice for anyone visiting Lucerne, Switzerland. It has lovely service, a great location, very affordable rates, and many special offers only available to those staying at the hotel. There are over 50 hotels in Lucerne, so if you would rather stay somewhere else, there are other options for you as well.

Hotel Ambassador Bern

Bern’s Hotel Ambassador is an impressive four-star hotel with all the modern amenities you would expect from this style hotel.

Housed in a classic 19th-century building, the hotel has been renovated to give guests an authentic experience while including many modern amenities that make it easy for visitors to stay connected during their trip. The hotel is especially popular with business travelers and provides an excellent base for anyone who wants to explore the city.

As well as amenities such as satellite TV and free WiFi in all public areas, Hotel Ambassador Bern also offers more traditional amenities such as tennis courts and a swimming pool. A wonderful and one of the best hotels in Switzerland. 

The hotel’s city center location means that there are lots of restaurants, bars, and shops within easy reach. There are also several underground parking facilities located near the hotel for those driving up to Bern.

If you’re looking for an affordable four-star experience in Bern, what are you waiting for? Hotel Ambassador Bern is ideal for visitors of all types. Learn more here today!

Grand Hotel Europe Zürich

The Grand Hotel Europe in Zürich is the only 5-Star hotel in Switzerland that offers you, your family, and your friends a natural home away from home. It is located right in the heart of downtown Zürich at the Bahnhofstrasse, within walking distance of all major attractions.

Schweiz, Blick auf Zurich, vom Hotel “Dolder Grand”, See

The distinguished history of this luxury hotel in Switzerland started way back in 1844 when an English entrepreneur opened the first Grand Hotel in Europe. At that time, what is today Zürich’s most expensive street -the Bahnhofstrasse- was virtually undeveloped and surrounded by open fields. Over the years, trade flourished at what is now one.

Seehotel Jurasse am Rigi Kaltbad

Location is perfect for exploring the Swiss alps in all directions

This is one the best hotels in Switzerland hotel offers facilities like public transport links are available within 500 m. free wireless internet access at reception.

Hotel facilities include a restaurant, pub and conference facilities with modern equipment.

Toilet facilities are provided on all floors of the hotel

The rooms are equipped with a shower, hairdryer, and satellite TV (most channels in German). A safe is available for hire at reception.

All hotel guests receive free access to the Spa Landscape.

The picturesque village of Kaltbad and its surrounding countryside is an ideal destination for recreational activities, such as hiking and cycling. The hotel is only a 20-minute drive from Vitznau and 30 minutes from Arth Goldau railway station, which offers direct access to the Berne-Zurich training, and 1 hour from Lucerne

The hotel has 77 rooms and a pub on the ground floor. There is also a restaurant in the basement where you can enjoy delicious cooking with a view of Lake Lucerne. The top floor gives you access to sauna, hammam, and pool facilities

It is only a 20-minute drive from Vitznau and 30 minutes from Arth Goldau railway station, which offers direct access to the Berne-Zurich training

Swissotel Zurich Airport

Swissotel is one of the best hotels in Zurich. It lies right next to the airport and train station, so it’s very convenient for both travelers who come by air and land. The rooms are of great comfort thanks to their modern design. The hotel also has a gym, pool, spa, and dining options, including a fantastic buffet breakfast.

If you are looking for hotels near the airport in Zurich, Swissotel is one of your best choices. It’s very close to both the airport and downtown so you can explore Zurich easily from this location. The rooms are comfortable thanks to their modern furnishings, and you also have a lot of amenities at hand, including a spa, gym, pool, restaurants, and business center. It is considered as one of the best hotels in Switzerland.

The Kempinski Palace Hotel

Switzerland is the land of mountains, chocolate, and watches – and we can add to that list some truly luxurious places to stay. If you’ve got money to splash and want a hotel with history and character, here are ten of the best: With its chandelier-lit emerald green marble foyer, the Kempinski Palace Hotel in Lugano is one of the most luxurious hotels in Switzerland.

The five-star luxury hotel has hand-painted ceilings and frescoes by the Italian artist Raffaello Radi. The owner described it as “the last palace on Lake Lugano.”

The Kempinski Palace Hotel in Lugano is one of the most luxurious hotels in Switzerland. With its emerald green marble foyer and hand-painted ceilings, the five-star luxury hotel has been described as “the last palace on Lake Lugano”. A marvelous and one of the best hotels in Switzerland. 

Le Richemond

Le Richemond is located in Geneva, Switzerland. It offers private grand hotel rooms and suites with an indoor swimming pool on the 12th floor of the building. This luxury hotel features natural stone throughout the property, a library with a fireplace, a piano bar, and comfortable guestrooms with plush feather beds. WiFi internet access is available for a surcharge.

Le Richemond is a luxury hotel in Geneva with an illustrious history dating back to 1875 when the Lazy family built it.

Located in the city center, less than 1 mile from United Nations Headquarters, Le Richemond is surrounded by grand buildings of Old Town and within walking distance of the Jet d’Eau.

Le Richemond is home to the luxury spa Centre Le Roc relaxing treatments, including a steam room and vitality pool with waterfalls. The private cinema with its selection of DVDs is another bonus for guests staying in grand rooms or suites. La Brasserie serves French cuisine at an elegant restaurant on site, while the Roof Bar offers fine wines and drinks.

Le Richemond has an impressive library with a fireplace, piano bar, and wireless internet access (fees apply). Guests can enjoy personalized travel services, including airport transfers arranged by the concierge staff.

Park Hyatt Zurich

If you’re looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday, it is not the best place to stay.

You will be surrounded by tourists and shoppers all day long. A visit here with rich foreign fashion brands is something that many women dream of.

Zurich’s “old town” area is stunning – we even had a quick look in the shops here.

There are also museums in this area that are not to be missed when you visit Zurich, such as the famous Kunsthaus – Centre for Art and Exhibition. The architecture is worth seeing even if you’re not interested in art!

What to see: “Old Town” area of Zurich, Swiss National Museum & other museums, Kunsthaus Zurich

Getting around: Tram, bus & train are the best ways to travel in this area. There is also a boat tour which you should try in this one of the best hotels in Switzerland. 

Four Seasons Gstaad Saanenland Resort

A luxury ski-in/ski-out resort, just 1 hour 45 minutes from Geneva, located in the heart of the Swiss Alps. **

Like most ski resorts, winter is when Gstaad comes into its own – there’s skiing for all standards, great après-ski bars, restaurants, and clubs to relax in by an open fireplace with a glass of bubbly after a day on the slopes. However, unlike many other resorts, Gstaad stays open all year round, and summer is an equally enjoyable time to visit. You can enjoy the local restaurants, spas, and outdoor activities, including walking, biking & fishing in this classic Swiss setting.

Golf & Spa Resort Bad Ragaz

Nestled in the heart of central Switzerland, amid the majestic Swiss Alps and at the foot of Mt. Flumserberg, The Golf & Spa Resort Bad Ragaz is a luxurious haven for golfers and spa enthusiasts.

The resort offers two championship courses: The Royal Golf Club St. Moritz Bad Ragaz, set amidst stunning mountain scenery, is open all year round and home to the Golf Club St. Moritz Bad Ragaz hotel, while The Flumserberg-Albulatal golf course is only available May 1st – October 31st.

Helena Bad im Grandresort Bad Ragaz

The resort also offers a wide range of spa facilities, including indoor pools, saunas, steam rooms, fitness areas, foot spas, aroma baths, and body care treatments. With its marvelous facilities and services it made in the best hotels in Switzerland. 

There are also four restaurants to choose from. Guests can stay in either the Golf Club St. Moritz Bad Ragaz Hotel or The Flumserberg-Albulatal hotel when it comes to accommodation. Both feature elegant rooms with flat-screen TVs, free WiFi, and balconies with views of the Alps.

Grand Hotel Kronenhof Davos Platz

The Grand Hotel Kronenhof in Davos is considered by many to be the leading four-star hotel in Switzerland. Its extensive wellness area, which contains seven indoor pools and hot tubs along with saunas, steam baths, and massage treatments, ensures you’ll find a soothing respite from your busy schedule.

The Olympic Museum of the Alpsopened to the public in 2010. It includes a variety of exhibits that celebrate the history and tradition of skiing and alpine sports and the Olympic Winter Games. A visit is worth it just for the memorable photos captured at this truly unique museum.

Many five-star hotels in Switzerland will offer you an unforgettable stay. Fortunately, the Swiss hotel industry is one of the most developed, and there is a multitude of luxury hotels where visitors can enjoy their time either alone for a weekend or with family. It is beautiful and is one of the best hotels in Switzerland. 

The best offers can be found mainly in Lake Geneva. In particular, there are several five-star establishments, each with its peculiarities. Among them are the “Aiglon” in Versoix , the “Bofinger” in Geneva , the “Safari Thon” in Lausanne , or even at Hotel du Perron in Vevey .

However, there is also a wide range of offers in the more central part of Switzerland. For example, at the “Aldrovandi” hotel in Lugano, situated right on Lake Lugano. The city is an important financial center and has a resort character with numerous beaches, parks, and waterfronts. Also of interest are elegant hotels such as the “Savoy” in Locarno or the “Beau Rivage” in Montreux, which is located along the shores of Lake Geneva.

The best hotels in Switzerland can be found at Verbier. The resort area of Switzerland is famous for its four skiing areas. Thanks to the high-quality accommodation it offers there are many five-star hotels, which allow you to enjoy the many ski slopes during the day and relax in luxury at night.

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