Top 6 Best Places to Visit in Turkey

Turkey is a country that stretches across the North Anatolian and East Thrace regions of Asia Minor with plenty of places to visit in Turkey. It borders Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia and Iran to the south; it also shares its northern border with Syria. Turkey has been at the center of many important events in world history such as World War I and II as well as the Turkish Independence War. The country’s culture is wide-ranging but heavily influenced by Islamic traditions.

Turkey is a fascinating country with a long and rich history. In this blog post, we will explore 10 interesting facts about Turkey that you may not have known before. From the Ottoman Empire to present-day Turkey, there are many amazing things about this country that make it worth visiting! Wanna know more about places to visit in Turkey? Follow through!

  1. The name “Turkey” comes from an old English word meaning “young male turkey.”
  2. The official language of Turkey is Turkish and it’s believed to be one of the oldest languages in Europe.
  3. There are over 75 different ethnic groups represented within its borders, including Kurds, Turks, Armenians, Circassia’s and Greeks.
  4. Although the official language is Turkish, about 20% of people living in Turkey speak Kurdish.
  5. There are many interesting types of folk dance in Turkey, including the famous ‘Hora’ Dance.
  6. There are over 350 different types of cuisine in Turkey, making it one of the best places to travel for food lovers.
  7. The first “modern” library in Turkey was built in the 19th century by Sultan Abdul-Aziz.
  8. The longest highway in the world, running from Edirne to Ankara, is located within Turkey’s borders.
  9. The first-ever motion picture was shot in Istanbul, Turkey by Louis Lumiere.
  10. Turkey is a founding member of the United Nations and has been a NATO member since 1952.



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List of Best Places to Visit in Turkey

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The Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul at night, Turkey. The Bosphorus Bridge connecting Europe and Asia.

Istanbul is the most populous city in Turkey and one of the largest cities in the world. Located on both sides of the Bosporus, it is a beautiful mix of East and West cultures. Istanbul has an amazing variety of attractions to offer visitors, from historic landmarks to incredible shopping opportunities. The best thing about Istanbul is that there are many different ways for you to experience this great city!

Istanbul is a city that has so much to offer in terms of sightseeing and is undoubtedly one of the places to visit in Turkey. From the Hagia Sophia to the Hippodrome, there are many places worth visiting in this great metropolis. But when deciding where you want to go on your trip, do not forget these 11 must-see things!

  1. The Hagia Sophia – The Hagia Sophia is one of the most well-known and prestigious monuments in the world. It has been a church, mosque, museum and even today it is still used for religious ceremonies. The Hagia Sophia has stood strong for over 1500 years and continues to be a place that draws people from all around the world to see its beauty and history. And is a must one of the places to visit in Turkey.
  2. The Bosphorus Bridge
  3. Istanbul Modern Museum
  4. Dolmabahce Palace
  5. Suleymaniye Mosque
  6. The Galata Tower
  7. The Basilica Cistern
  8. The Grand Bazaar
  9. The Spice Bazaar
  10. The Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum
  11. Topkapi Palace.


Hot air balloons flying in sunset sky Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia is a land of hidden mysteries waiting to be discovered. The region has many attractions that are worth visiting, like the Goreme Open Air Museum and Basilica Cistern. There are also plenty of other things to do in Cappadocia, including hiking through the Karadaglar or exploring underground cities. With so much to offer as a places to visit in Turkey, it’s no wonder why people flock here from all over the world!

The popular travel destination of Turkey, the historical area of ​​Cappadocia is located in Central Anatolia. For centuries, it has been used as a natural fortress due to its geographical location between two prominent mountain ranges.

  1. The region is divided into three areas by the Kızılırmak and Yesilirmak rivers, which flow around Cappadocia’s tallest mountains and is a places to visit in Turkey.
  2. The south of this area has an arid climate with sparse forests or no trees at all, whereas the north has a temperate continental climate that supports more vegetation and life
  3. The western and northern areas of Cappadocia contain the majority of the region’s rock formations, but there are also scattered villages and settlements in other parts as well. And is a must one of the places to visit in Turkey.
  4. It is believed that humans first settled around this area more than 9000 years ago due to its abundant natural shelters from erosion caused by wind or waterfalls created by the Kızılırmak River.The first traces of human life in this region are believed to be from around 8000 BC when local tribes settled near Goreme, one of Cappadocia’s most popular destinations with its rock-cut churches and chapels that date back to the Byzantine Empire ruled over this area for about 300 years, after which the Selcuk Empire took over for another 400.During this time, numerous people were living in Cappadocia’s many underground cities due to its location on the Silk Road and how it was under siege by Crusaders during
  5. The Mongolian empire conquered this area at around 1300 AD along with much of Asia, but the Ottoman Empire defeated them in 1402 and gave Cappadocia to Beyazıt I. After this time period
  6. Cappadocia became a relatively peaceful area known for its high quality of life due to how it has ample natural resources such as stone which was used during all major construction projects under Turkish rule.
  7. Cappadocia consists of many villages and towns, but the most popular of these is Goreme which has an abundance of rock-cut churches and chapels that date back to history.


Ahmet Hamdi Akseki Mosque in Ankara Turkey, taken from rooftop of TOBB Twin Towers.

Ankara is the capital city of Turkey. The history dates back to ancient times and has been a home for many civilizations such as Hittites, Phrygians and Romans. Its name was given by Attalos II (King) in 204 BC when he made Ankara his new kingdom after leaving Pessinus where had settled before. And is undoubtedly one of the places to visit in Turkey.

It was originally called Ankyra which literally means “anchor” with reference to an anchor that Attalos carried with him during all his travels from Pergamon (the original place he came from). After the Roman period, it served as one of the easternmost outposts for several Christian missions into Asia at that time; most notably those led by Saints Paul and Barnabas.

In the Middle Ages, as a result of Byzantine and Seljuk campaigns from Asia minor against Anatolian beyliks (principalities), Ankara experienced rapid development in religion, culture and art. In 13th century during the reign of Aladdin Keykubat I, it became the capital city for centuries to come under Turkic rule after being captured by Ottomans.

Few random facts about Ankara:

  • Ankara is a city in Turkey, and it’s the capital of the Turkish Republic
  • The population is around 2 million people
  • Ankara has a variety of restaurants that serve traditional Turkish food
  • There are many historic sites to visit including Anıtkabir, which was built as a memorial for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who led Turkey during World War I and later became its first president when he founded the modern republic in 1923 It also contains his grave site. And is a must one of the places to visit in Turkey.
  • Another place to visit is Cankaya Palace which served as both residence and office for President Atatürk from 1925 until his death in 1938
  • Other popular tourist attractions include Kocatepe Mosque, one of the largest mosques in Istanbul with capacity for 10 thousand worshippers at once and finally there’s Ulus Square – where you can find lots of cafes and shops open late into the evening hours!

Few short places to visit:

  • Visit the Grand Bazaar
  • Take a ferry across the Bosporus Strait to Asia for a new perspective on Istanbul
  • Explore Sultanahmet Square and Hagia Sophia, one of the world’s most famous mosques
  • Go shopping at stores like Nike, H&M, and Zara – they’re cheaper than in North America!
  • Have dinner at a traditional Turkish restaurant with your friends or family
  • Watch locals play soccer in Emirgan Park along the shores of the Black Sea
  • The capital of Turkey is Ankara, which features attractions like the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations and Anit Kabir. There are many things to do in Ankara when you visit it.
  • Buy handmade rugs at the world famous Grand Bazaar – Visit Haci Bayram Mosque – Enjoy a picnic or barbeque on Burcu Sebat Park’s green grassy lawns – Experience traditional Turkish culture by attending an event at one of Turkey’s oldest theaters, Tiyatrom Theater – Take advantage of free WIFI through Google Fiber while shopping around Moda district before continuing with your day out in Ankara.


Views from famous tourism city Bodrum Turkey

Bodrum is a town located in southwest Turkey. It was formerly known as Halicarnassus and Caria (also the name of a historic region). The city has several other names including Bodrum, Yerindecizer and Matara. Its ancient Greek name means “painted castle” which refers to the paint used by one of its conquerors, Alexander III who wanted to make it into an island that he could control from his bedroom.

When Alexander died the Muslims took over this area and renamed it after their leader Mustafa Balikli Bayezid – or Ali Pasha – whose tomb can be seen today at nearby Turgutreis village. Today there are around 72 islands off the coast. A must visit places to visit in Turkey.

The Bodrum peninsula is known for its amazing medieval architecture, beaches and nightlife. The best way to see this region is by boat tour where you can visit the important landmarks of the area including Castle Bodrum, House Tombaligi Museum, Turkbuku Beach or Icmeler Bay.

Here are ten great places to visit in Bodum:

  1. Castle Bodrum – build up on a small island surrounded by sea water it includes various rooms with unique views of the surrounding landscape. It was built about 3000 years ago as a tomb but later turned into an impressive fortress that still stands strong today protecting all who enter its doors!
  2. HouseTombaligi Museum located just outside of town it is home to one of the best collections in Turkey. The exhibits include Roman, Byzantine and Hellenistic artifacts all which are displayed in their original context allowing visitors to enjoy an immersive history lesson! And is a must one of the places to visit in Turkey.
  3. Turkbuku Beach – located on Bodrum’s “Turquoise Coastline” it offers miles of white sandy beaches that run into clear blue water with unparalleled views of Mount Babadag standing tall along the horizon. If you visit this beach be sure not to miss out on a traditional Turkish hamam treatment where you can relax under hot steam while being cleaned from head-to-toe by suds running over your body!
  4. Icmeler Bay – a shallow protected bay located outside of Bodrum. It is known for its large natural harbor. In the summertime you can rent paddleboats and explore this picturesque area as well as visit the D-Marin Museum which hosts an impressive collection that includes various marine life specimens from sharks to jellyfish!
  5. Gumbet – another popular beach in Bodrum it offers golden sand, crystal clear water and great opportunities to experience traditional Turkish culture including hammam treatments, belly dancing shows or Turkish tea served with delicious pastries! And is a must one of the places to visit in Turkey.
  6. Yalıkavak – a small town on Turkey’s “Turquoise Coastline” Yalıkavak has a growing tourist industry that is attracting visitors from all around the world. One of its main attractions is a private island, which you can access via boat for a day trip or stay overnight in one of their charming villas!
  7. Kusadası – located on Turkey’s “Turquoise Coastline”. Kusadası has some great restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy fresh seafood while watching the sunset over the Aegean Sea! It also boasts an important archaeological site dating back to 3000 BC known as Ephesus Archaeological Museum & Library .
  8. Kekova Island – located off the western coast of Bodrum peninsula this small island features traditional Greek architecture complete with white washed homes sitting right along clear blue waters! Visitors can enjoy walking around the island or experience a more active day with kayaking, diving and snorkeling.
  9. Bodrum Castle – located on top of Gumusluk Bay, it is one of Turkey’s most important historical structures dating back to early Roman times. Although it was built as defense for Greek settlers in this area you can now visit its museum which hosts an impressive collection including various Islamic art pieces from the Seljuk period. And is a must one of the places to visit in Turkey.
  10. Cesme – another popular destination along Turkey’s “Turquoise Coastline”. You will find many shops selling antiques and other trinkets that make great souvenirs! It also offers some nice restaurants and cafes, including the famous Cesme fish market where you can enjoy fresh seafood caught from Aegean Sea!


The modern port of Izmir was opened in 1869 after major land reclamation work but it would almost be another century before international trading began because there were few roads connecting its hinterland with other cities until improvements under Atatürk’s reign built more ports along Turkey’s Aegean coast during the 1960s.

Izmir has a history dating back to 1500 BC with the Mycenaeans. Izmir was known as Smyrna which means “myrrh” in Greek. The city is located on three different continents that have been populated by many civilizations over thousands of years, including Ancient Greece and Rome, Byzantium and Constantinople (Istanbul).

Today, Izmir is a modern city with great tourist attractions. It has an attractive architecture and many cultural heritages to visit for both native Turkish citizens as well as foreign travelers looking to experience the history of turkey. And is a must one of the places to visit in Turkey.

Firstly , you can visit parts of Smyrna ancient city (konak) which are located Izmir metropolitan municipality boundaries in Konak district’s historic center including ruins, tombs, churches and mosques; Secondly , there are also two important museums mostly dedicated to archaeology. Thirdly , Kulturpark that houses open-air concerts or shows like festival performances during summer season; Fourthly , Kemeraltı bazaar where traditional artisans still produce their craftsmanship.

There are plenty of places to eat in Izmir . You can find many restaurants serving traditional Turkish cuisine as well as international food throughout the city, including fish and seafood specialties. Of course you will not forget visiting Alacati which is famous for its seaside resorts like Cesme.

Alsancak district with night clubs and bars and Asansor stands out among other landmarks due to its peculiar location inside a narrow street Haci Ali neighborhood of Konak district. It is the only remaining Ottoman funicular in Turkey and was built by Levantino-Greek engineer Mimar Hayrıulah (Hairoula) on the request of governor Ahmet Kethuda for easier transportation between two steep hillsides of Guzelyalı, where it starts its way up to Alsancak .


View of the town Kas, Antalya Province, Mediterranean Coast, Turkey.

Antalya is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey. It has a long history that started back to 3000 B.C, with its oldest settlement being located on Olympus Mountain – which was then known as Olba. The site covers many historical periods and civilizations from pre-Greek Lycian period (3000 BC), Hellenistic period (300 BC) when it gained importance due to trade relations, Roman Empire(AD43) , Byzantine Empire(324 AD).

After 2700 years of changing hands between different empires, Antalya became part of Ottoman empire in 1472 during the reigns Sultan Mehmet II, The city flourished over time under Ottoman rule since it served an important role for them by acting as a trading port. And is a must one of the places to visit in Turkey.

The city gained an even more special place in history after Ataturk’s visit to Antalya on May 19th, 1919. The man who gave Turks their recent national identity was actually born here before moving to Istanbul with his family when he was 13 years old!

Later the area underwent a major renovation (which still continues) and line of modern structures were built along the coastline which helped change its face into what it is today – one of Turkey’s biggest tourist attractions. Some say that the costal region has become too commercialized but there are still enough sights around for you not be disappointed if you take your time exploring them all.

You can have a visit to Antalya Convention & Exhibition Bureau- Turkish Riviera Tourist Information Office for any information while travelling that area. No wonder this comes in the list of places to visit in Turkey.

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You get the picture, folks – I have a lot of conclusions for you today, and it’s been quite an enjoyable trip down memory lane looking back on what made me fall in love with this country so much that we came back here after having visited only once before (and not even knowing any Turkish). There are a lot of places to visit in Turkey with interesting histories.

The diversity is unlike anything else I’ve seen anywhere else in the world; from coastal Mediterranean towns where people still work as fishermen over three hundred years ago despite being less than two hours away from Istanbul by car/bus/train…to Anatolian villages where life hasn’t changed much in the last thousand years, where you can go back to a time when the world was ruled by sultans of empires…