15 Best things to keep in the UK Bucket List

Are you planning on visiting the United Kingdom? Then it would be best if you had a bucket and to help here is the UK bucket list for those who are planning for the trip. The UK is a dazzling place with such a tremendous amount to see and do. For you, the cascades, sparkling seashores, and ancient remains are holding tight. Here are the must-see locations to add to your UK bucket list.

Go up on the London eye

It’s all so touristic, but if there’s only one mainstream thing you’re doing in London, give it the London Eye. To ride the entire length of the wheel, it takes half an hour for your capsule, and the views of the capital stretching out under you are utterly unmatchable. This has always been in the UK bucket list of most tourists.


Explore inside Westminster Abbey

The traditional site of the coronation and burial of British monarchs was one of the most prominent churches globally, the Gothic-style Westminster Abbey. It’s not formally an Abbey, but a ‘Royal Peculiar,’ a sovereign church. Take a visit to Westminster Abbey and marvel at the beautifully intricate carvings and tapestries of the interior; it is very easy to picture someone here being a king or queen! You can add this up in your UK bucket list.

Take a trip to Oxford

UK bucket list? Oxford is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Great UK. One of the UK bucket list suggestions is to see the Area of the Dreaming Spires if you haven’t already gone! Make sure you visit Radcliffe Square, home of Radcliffe Camera, spend some energy in the Botanical Gardens, and go punting on the Cherwell River.

Visit Buckingham Palace, London

It’s the home of the Royal Family and the official London residence of the Queen. What do I need to tell any more? Buckingham Palace, situated in a grand position overlooking St James’s Park, is important for everyone visiting London. This should never miss your UK bucket list.

Admire Big Ben and go inside the Houses of Parliament

With the Houses of Parliament nearby, one of London’s most prominent milestones, Elizabeth Tower, which includes Big Ben, sits heavily on the Southbank. On Saturdays and during official breaks, you can make a sound or guided tour through the buildings. The fascinating and complex tale of how British governmental problems are today will guide you through 1,000 years of history and instruct you!

Visit St. Paul’s Cathedral

Set on Ludgate Hill in London, this Anglican Cathedral is dedicated to Paul the Apostle; it was built in AD 604. It is one of the most noteworthy sights in London. Take a guided cathedral tour and enjoy the interesting past that the magnificent building revels in, and you can also scale the cathedral dome if you’re visiting on a Saturday!

Look out over the capital at Greenwich Observatory

Known as the ‘East meets West’ site, the observatory is where GMT has been measured for centuries. Here, you can stand in the Western Hemisphere with one foot and one in the Eastern Hemisphere, hear about the makings of the first telescope, and hear how time was standardized in the world of the United Kingdom! You will be confident that you will also be graced with some amazing views of London. This as a beautiful add on to your UK bucket list.

Griffier I, Jan; View from One Tree Hill: The Queen’s House and the Royal Observatory, Greenwich; National Maritime Museum; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/view-from-one-tree-hill-the-queens-house-and-the-royal-observatory-greenwich-174688


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Walk over Tower Bridge

You can stroll over and visit the iconic Victorian bridge, where you can enjoy the exhibition and museum and read more about its history. You will walk through the glass floor of the museum and gaze at the city from another angle, peering down 42 meters to see the city and the River Thames spreading below.

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Roman Baths, Bath

The Romans discovered Bath’s hot springs and eventually built their hot baths here, as a place to socialize and pamper the local population. The baths have been fantastically restored and you can take a guided tour of the attraction today, during which you can vividly imagine that some 2000 years ago you were part of Roman society.

Museum of witchcraft

If you’re a fan of mysticism and magic, go down to the Cornwall Museum of Witchcraft, the world’s most extensive exhibition of something supernatural. Witches here in the UK have an exciting past, with many so-called ‘witches’ living in Feudal cultures, and you can read more about them here! UK bucket list? Add this!

Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye

On the Isle of Skye, there are a lot of impressive sights, but the pixie pools are special. Guests can walk 2.4 km from Glenbrittle to the layout of obvious lakes, entirely linked by small waterfalls, close to the town of Carbost.
You should probably take a swim in the pools if you feel adventurous, but wear a wetsuit, it’s freezing!

Oxford University

Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world, founded in 1096, and the second oldest in the world, narrowly beaten by the University of Bologna in Italy to the title. Visitors are invited to visit the university’s public spaces. Here, you will admire the colleges’ impressive buildings, visit the museums and libraries, and even enjoy shopping for souvenirs!

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge (second to Oxford) is the second oldest in the English-speaking world, and was founded in 1209. The university now boasts outstanding architecture and attractive educational facilities reminiscent of prominent university alumni and pioneering discoveries.

Porthcurno Beach, England

Porthcurno Beach is an honor winning seashore about 3 miles east of Land ‘s End on the south shore of West Cornwall. Porthcurno, with a stream at the end, is both a popular family seashore suitable for young people who need to kayak. It is also a place searched for by more prepared swimmers, attracted by its precariousness racks. Why others refer to this as a paradise with its fine white sand and splendid turquoise waters is anything but difficult to comprehend.

Stormy conditions on the beach looking out towards Logan Rock at Porthcurno, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom, Europe

See a play in Stratford-upon-Avon

There’s a reason why Stratford-Upon-Avon makes its way to the rundown of places to be found in the UK by numerous vacationers, the origin of Shakespeare and, for sure, a pretty charming area. You should reserve a Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) ticket for an exhibition on the off chance that you need the possibility of a UK pail list worth checking.

Despite the word, the scene is arranged by a progression of plays from different dramatists (shockingly, it’s weight on the Shakespeare though), featuring a portion of the sweethearts of the British stage. If you haven’t figured out how to book as predicted, it’s always worth searching for tickets for the day in the cinema world.