Top 10 Places to Visit in Dhaka To Spend Time

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and offers the discerning traveler a range of attractions and activities. If you’re going to visit Dhaka then just don’t explore it in part or in a particular location. There are many places to visit especially in old Dhaka.

You’ll perceive the architecture of some historic mid-16th century as well as the cuisine of the old town. Here I’m suggesting some of the Top Places to Visit in Dhaka To Spend Your Beautiful Time that you will find very interesting and enjoyable for top places to visit in Dhaka to spend your beautiful time.  

Here are the List of Places to Visit in Dhaka:

Lalbagh Fort 

The then Governor of Dhaka Shaista Khan was given this place which initially was started by Prince Mohammed Azam as a result of the demise of her little girl Pari Bibi whose burial chamber is within the fort. There is a small exhibition hall inside displaying Mughal’s artistic works and calligraphy, much like blades and weapons. For 10 years this has been a top spot to visit in Dhaka to spend your wonderful money.

top places to visit in dhaka to spend your beautiful time

You can think of a typical place at first, but it’s worth billions in history. If you want to learn about the country’s ancient past then it’s a perfect location too. It contains some rare antiquities.

As a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of city life, this place draws people from all over the world. Officials recently introduced an evening laser show where it reveals its past history. This place is highly recommended to visit.

Ahsan Manzil

It was the palace for the Dhaka nawabs. One of Bangladesh’s best-known historic places to visit. The entire neighborhood has many red brick houses. Within the museum, you can see the lifestyle and culture of Bengali Nabab. They have the information in both English & Bengali which is very useful for the international and national visitors.

Wonderful venue, magnificent rooms and exhibits. A place to see slowly and connect with locals who would love to describe the history around you and take pictures with you to show their friends and family that visitors can be polite and appreciate their country and community, food and landscape. Come and feel simple with a local friend, understand the country better and move through Dhaka’s old town. This is also a top places to visit in Dhaka to spend your beautiful time.

National Parliament

The National Parliament House is an architectural sign of excellence. This is one of the world’s best & internationally recognized place. It gets fantastic decorations for Independence Day & Victory Day in March & December.

It’ll be an unforgettable experience to be able to see inside this building that resembled something from a dystopian, futuristic movie. 

The architecture is truly fascinating and original. If you’re a foreign visitor then you must apply well in advance to have a lot of visa / passport details and there’s a regular waiting around bureaucracy but the experience is worth it.

You’ll enjoy going into the assembly hall and seeing where the Prime Minister is seated and the speaker’s podium.

Bangladesh National Zoo

You will find it in Dhaka’s Mirpur area. The zoo draws about 10,000 visitors each day and in holidays the number rises even more. 2,150 animals of 134 species will be found here. The zoo exhibits almost around  58 animal species including the Royal Bengal Tiger,  elephants, cheetahs, rhinos, zebras, waterbucks, otters.

Not only is a visit to Dhaka Zoo exciting, but it is also informative as tourists get to learn more about animals found in Bangladesh as well as animals from other parts of the world.

Liberation War Museum

One of the best museums in history that you’ll have ever seen anywhere. Completely class of the world. The emphasis is of course the 1971 Liberation War, but the first segment tells Bangladesh’s history starting with ancient Bengal and going up to partition through the British Raj etc. There are four galleries. Exhibits, tales and artefacts are fascinating. These are the top places to visit in Dhaka to spend your beautiful time with you if you are a history lover.

You can find almost all the information in both Bengali and English. It has been renovated and well maintained for visitors. There is also a space for temporary exhibits; they had an exhibit on Rohingya refugees from Myanmar. Don’t miss it. So if you wanna know about the famous liberation war of Bangladesh you must go to the top places to visit in Dhaka to spend your beautiful time.


Sonargaon is a hub of central Bangladesh historic region. It is one of the oldest capitals in the historic area of Bengal and was an Easter Bengal administrative center. Shippers built various Indo-Saracen docks in the area of Panam during the British provincial guideline which are currently just destroys. Sonargaon has an exhibition hall that takes the stand against the old system of Bengal.

The place has open fields where people are able to sit on the grass. It has several large ponds, and the place also has many trees that make it calming even during the summer.

Nothing lavish though, it has public toilets and few grocery shops. The carrying of essential things such as dry food, water, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer would be prudent.

Ramna Park

Ramna Park is surrounded by Dhaka’s most significant sites such as the Shishu (Children’s) Park, Intercontinental Hotel, Prime Ministers 2nd Official Residence, Foreign Ministry Training Academy, Chief Justice House, BIRDEM, which is the world’s largest Diabetic Hospital according to online reports, tennis courts, Supreme Court and Bar Council premises, Jatiyo Shilpo Park etc.

During the British era Ramna Park itself was established. Walkways were expanded within the park, and five new gates were installed from separate sides for entry. It normally remains closed from 10 p.m. before 6 a.m. Within it, there is a lake and restaurant and many street vendors are selling chips, green coconut, juice, ice cream and other light foods at its door.

Within the park there are shades and benches, as well as a playground for small children. This park is a focal point for cautious visitors who want to find orientation with Dhaka’s critical and strategic landmarks.

National Botanical Garden

The total National Botanic Garden area is approximately 84 hectares and is situated right next to the Dhaka Zoo. This garden has learning facilities as well as leisure facilities.

You’ll be amazed at the variety of plants, you should expect to visit all 57 parts of this garden for the whole day.

It is often visited Dhaka places to discover all of Bangladesh’s flora and fauna. It’s also very common with morning joggers who are health conscious. Every morning, thousands of them visit. There is a beautiful rose garden in the center, and also an observation deck for water plants and birds in the back. Worth getting your children and friends from abroad to introduce nature in Bangladesh.

Baitul Mukarram Mosque

This is our national mosque and a must-visit attraction in town. It boasts ancient traditional bazaars at its edges where you can purchase traditional perfumes, and lots of souvenirs at good bargain. For a religious person this is surely a top places to visit in Dhaka to spend your beautiful time.

The hall of prayer has verandas on three sides of it. Instead of the more conventional semi-circular style the mihrab is rectangular and ornamental decoration has been kept to a minimum. Baitul Makarram’s architectural style closely resembles Mecca’s famous Kaaba, and distinguishes it from other Bangladesh mosques. This is such a holy and pure place calms you down completely by praying here.

Dhakeshwari Temple

Devi Durga is dedicated to a Durga temple which was said to be around 800 years old. It is announced by the Govt of Bangladesh as a national cemetery. It is well preserved in the Old City. Every year a huge number of people come to these top places to visit in Dhaka to spend your beautiful time from around the country, specially to see them celebrate the festival.

Especially during the Durgapuja it is thronged by local Hindus. The city of Dhaka is named for the deity.

This temple complex is very striking. Domes and vibrant colors, the visit is fascinating. It’s a serene respite from the city’s din and pollution.

The scale and density of Dhaka makes city visits a hyper-real urban experience, in which the chaos of metropolitan life is magnified to an alarming degree. It is also a city marked by Bangladesh’s complex political, religious, and social past, and walking the streets of this vibrant megacity provides a fascinating glimpse into Bangladesh’s rich panorama of culture and history. 

Top 10 Places To Visit In Dhaka To Spend Your Beautiful Time has been made a short list for you to know about the city in a couple of minutes. 

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